Supergirl #1 CGC 8.5


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  • Supergirl #1 CGC 8.5
  • Supergirl #1 CGC 8.5

CGC 8.5 Supergirl #1.  Bronze Age, Nov 1972.  Writer: Cary Bates  Artist: Art Saaf


Trial of a Madman

Linda quits her job at KSF-TV, and goes back to college at Vandyre  University  to study drama.

Castle in the Clouds

Jeff gets caught in Zatanna's trance, and gets sent back to King Arthur's Court.


VF+ 8.5 - 1/4 inch cover crease with no color break allowed, Minor spine split with some minor color break allowed, Some slightly more noticeable stress lines allowed and paper can be Cream to Tan but must remain supple

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